What is your patient experiencing? TAP will give you a view from their perspective.

Time well spent is time not wasted. TAP offers long lasting quality improvements, gained capacity, and a culture change in exchange for a time commitment that is small in comparison.

Time commitment

-        Snap Shot Data Collection (this can be as little as one day or as large as two weeks)

-        A 1 Day Value Stream Map Workshop (this can be divided into two half days)

-        12 Week Project Support with an Assigned TAP Guide 

What We're doing

Learning objectives

At the Value Stream Workshop participants will obtain:

  • An introduction in LEAN Healthcare Methodology;

  • A mapping of the practice’s current process of record;

  • Issue and waste identification and prioritization;

  • Project planning for future process of record;

  • We introduce multi industry proven LEAN techniques

  • We show you how LEAN methods can be applied to impact:

  • Increased patient satisfaction scores

  • Improved outcomes

  • Better Schedule management

  • Reduced no show rates

  • Reduced costs

  • Increased capacity with little additional investment

  • Increased productivity

  • Increased employee satisfaction

  • Reduced employee burnout


Through the TAP process the practice will learn how to:

  • Instill a scientific method based problem solving thinking process and methodology;

  • Ease of communication between team members when solving problems;

  • Ownership of problems and their resolution;

  • Increased staff and provider satisfaction;

  • True continuous process and systems improvement;

  • Increased organizational learning capabilities;

  • Increase productivity and quality.


  • A comprehensive Level 1* analysis and summary of gained capacity;

  • Streamline current processes resulting in efficient and accountable alignment with a lean-designed practice;

  • Increased capacity;

  • Continuous quality improvement mindset;

  • Sustainable business operations.

    *Infinitum has many programs and this particular program is a Level 1