NHSN 2017 Healthcare-Associated Infections Progress Report is available.

NHSN now allows facilities to run their own Targeted Assessment for Prevention (TAP) reports for CAUTI, CDI & CLABSI.

TAP Strategy:

- Uses data for action to prevent healthcare-associated infections (HAIs)

– Targets healthcare facilities and facility units with a disproportionate burden of HAIs

TAP Reports:

– Use data within NHSN to identify facilities and locations with excess infections

 – Translates a target SIR into a numeric HAI prevention goal, providing a concrete goal to drive action

A new Dashboard for Individual Facility TAP reports will be released soon, making it even easier for facilities to use. The Dashboard will make tables, charts and graphs, and summary reports to be shared with facility leadership.  TAP reports offer a new metric, the Cumulative Attributable Difference (CAD), which is the number of infections that a facility would have needed to prevent to achieve an HAI reduction goal during a specified time period. Facilities are able to determine their own HAI reduction goal or utilize national HHS reduction targets. Facilities are also able to select their own time periods of interest and observe data by location within the facility.

Want to learn more?

- Overview on CDC webpage

- Facility TAP Report User Guide

- YouTube Training

- Slide Deck for YouTube Training

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