Current Projects

Improving the Continuity of Mental Health Care:
Follow Up after Hospitalization for Mental Health (FUH)

Supporting Health Care Reform:
The Vermont Health Care Innovation Project

Partnering to Improve Surgical Care:
Vermont Statewide Surgical Services Collaborative

Improving Care for Patients Experiencing Stroke Symptoms:
Standardized Tools and Protocols Across Vermont Hospitals

Assisting Communities in Providing Better Coordinated Care:
The Integrated Communities Care Management Learning Collaborative

Transformation! Helping Healthcare Practitioners Recapture the Joy of Their Work:
The Northern New England Practice Transformation Network

Supporting Rural Hospitals to Report Indicators of Quality:
The Medicare Beneficiary Quality Improvement Project

Making Hospitals Safer:
The Patient Safety Surveillance and Improvement System

Working with our Smallest Hospitals to Provide Quality Care:
Conditions of Participation Surveys

Reporting the Quality of Care in Hospitals:
The Hospital Community Report

Supporting Hospital and Physician Peer Review:
The Peer Review Portal

Continuous Improvement and Continuous Learning:
VPQHC's Integrated Approach to Healthcare Redesign - Infinite Opportunities for Change

VPQHC Quality Report