A Guide for Your Transformation Journey

Camping Consultant.jpg

I'm going camping next week and I’m thinking about what I need to pack. The essentials always seem to add up so quickly even though the goal is to travel light. Unless, of course, you're going "glamping!" Anyway, it got me thinking about the settlers and their wagon trains that traveled west to start a new life. Five months is a really long camping trip and they didn't have the lightweight camping gear that we have today. Not to mention, they didn't even have a road to travel on most of the way. The goal was two miles per day and they endured oxen dying of thirst, dysentery, hunger, bad weather, and sometimes hostile American Indians. If they were fortunate, they would have a good guide to ensure their success.

Practices are much like those westward-bound settlers in that they are on a transformation journey and there are many obstacles along the way. Infinitum is that like that good guide that can help them succeed. The Infinitum Team has veteran consultants ready to share their knowledge to help you with the obstacles of health care changes. Happy trails to us all!