Imagine No Patients Waiting


It's officially summer and I am so grateful for sunshine and hot weather. It's my favorite season. One of my favorite things to do is to go kayaking. It's so peaceful with the quiet surroundings. The sun is warm and the water is cool. The rhythm of my paddle is meditative. The stresses of daily life just melt away. This relaxed state is also when I do my best creative thinking. As humans, our creative thinking, or imagination, for problem-solving is a gift that we don't always have the time to use in our busy lives. It's hard to slow down and unplug from distractions when we have deadlines, people counting on us, and in the medical profession: patients waiting.

Patients waiting, or demand and capacity balance, is a real problem for most health care organizations. One could even say that it takes the joy out of practicing medicine when you don't even have time to take care of yourself. The Infinitum Team has observed over and over again the unmanageable workload of the healthcare provider. We watch as the patients pile up while the provider works through lunch, stays late, and takes work home to complete their notes. So when do providers have time to use their creative energy to problem solve this situation and end the insanity? Their minds are thinking of one thing: there are sick people that must be seen. That's where the Infinitum Team comes in. We have answers to this problem. We can and want to help you get back to your joy: helping sick people get well.