Know your numbers, know your world!

World as Binary Numbers.png

"All known things have number."

--Pythagoras, Greek mathematician and philosopher

If all the known world is a number, do you know your healthcare world; specifically your patient and operation numbers and how they correlate? Do you know the numbers of other healthcare organizations in comparison to your numbers?

As I write this post the has reached almost 7.7 billion people. Every one of those people needs healthcare. It blows my mind. What is the healthcare data on 7.7 billion people?

According to Our World in Data, Americans have a life expectancy of 79.2 years. They estimate that the last 11.6 of those 79.2 years are spent living with disability and disease. With the new value-based payment structure and the population aging, how will healthcare organizations manage these populations and keep healthcare organizations fiscally sound?

While we may never know the healthcare data of 7.7 billion people, a healthcare organization could and should know their healthcare world numbers by creating and monitoring its patient and operations data and correlating it to know with 98% accuracy it's demand and capacity at any given time. These collected numbers are called data analytics and are used to manage the world from which the numbers were collected. There are three type of data analytics:

Descriptive Analytics: Uses data aggregation and data mining to provide hind sight into the past to answer the question, “What has happened?”

Predictive Analytics: Uses statistical models and forecast techniques to provide foresight into the future to answer the question, “What could happen?”

Prescriptive Analytics: Uses optimization and simulation algorithms to provide insight into the present and answer the question, “What should we do?”

The Infinitum Healthcare Transformation System looks at a healthcare organization's numbers and applies data analytics to understand what has happened in the past, what could happen in the future, and what is the best practice for the present based on the patient and operations data. Would you like to know the numbers of your healthcare world? Contact Infinitum to learn more.


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