Data Goes with the Flow!

In healthcare organizations, the data goes with the flow of the patient. Every step a patient takes creates a data footprint. Data literally follows the patient through the patient pathway within the healthcare organization like bread crumbs in the forest. When data is collected over a length of time, predictive data exists that can actually predict where the bread crumbs will fall with 98% accuracy within a given day, month, and season!

The first question is: are you collecting this data? It is important to collect this data in order to optimize patient flow throughout the healthcare organization as it is essential to ensuring safe, high-quality, patient-centered care.

The second question is: do you know what to do with the data? When this data is applied, for example, to a current state value stream map clinicians can see where waste exists by assessing the problem areas and identifying major areas of opportunity for change. Or maybe you'd like to balance demand and capacity through load leveling?

The Infinitum Healthcare Transformation System is based on the lean Toyota Production System that provides the right care at the right place and at the right time. Waste is removed from the patient pathway by the people doing the work as lean methodologies are learned such as visual management. Employees learn to work as a collaborative team and individual QI experts resulting in innovative problem-solving. When data is collected, monitored, and analyzed through the lens of system thinking the healthcare organization can ensure that capacity can meet the demands for services, prevent overcrowding, create predictable scheduling, and calculate the return on investment.

Last question: would you like to go with the flow of your patient data? Contact Infinitum! We will customize a learning package that fits your healthcare organization size and implement actionable strategies, transferable knowledge, and ensure a data-driven work culture.

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