The Heart of Experience!

The Infinitum Transformation Team is passionate about their work. They have witnessed firsthand how lean methodologies such as value stream mapping works to increase capacity at healthcare organizations. In addition to removing waste, creating efficient processes, boosting staff morale, and addressing provider burnout, lean methodology also helps people to see how their work in interconnected to the work of others within the system of care. This self-awareness is a catalyst for change not only in the work they do, but in the relationships between the team members.

Within the Infinitum Healthcare Transformation System we have a value stream mapping workshop that we call TAP (Transformation Acceleration Program). The TAP workshop is one of many lean methodologies used by the Infinitum Transformation Team. The Infinitum Transformation Team has observed that the TAP Workshop has an effect on relationships in many ways:

  • TAP looks at processes and not people. TAP is a non-judgmental workshop that creates a safe space for people to think about how their work fits into the value stream without feeling judged. (Depending on the number of people the workshop can usually be done in 4 hours with additional pre-work and post-work hours with one designated contact.)

  • TAP creates a shared view of the patient pathway which puts the team members on the same mission to find waste and improve the patient experience by problem solving together.

  • TAP instills a shared knowledge of a quality improvement lean technique that the team members can continue to use long after the Transformation Team is gone.

In addition to the improved team member relationships and employee satisfaction, the patient relationships are improved also as they will move more efficiently through the practice system of care by having better scheduling management and less waiting.

Recently the Infinitum Transformation Team was contracted to deliver a TAP Workshop to a primary care practice. There was tension between two of the providers because one provider consistently saw more patients each day. The cause was that the other provider talked longer with each of her patients. The provider seeing more patients considered this a problem because the other provider wasn't staying within the allotted appointment time which then cascaded through the patient pathway making each consecutive patient wait longer for their appointment. The provider seeing less patients believed that taking more time with the patient meant giving them more care. They wondered how to fix the problem, and didn't know how to avoid a conflict. Does any of this sound familiar?

It was a beautiful thing to witness the two providers become aware of each other's view, and the provider who saw less patients shared how she now saw how she was holding up the patient flow in the name of care. This new shared awareness created the non-judgmental space to talk about the situation and brainstorm about how to keep the system moving on time and provide the best possible care. This is part of the IDEAL state we teach in the TAP Workshop.

We spend more time with the people we work with than our family and friends. Work relationships matter that much. We all want healthy relationships where we are respected and can work collaboratively within a non-judgmental or safe space. The TAP Workshop provides the awareness and process to support that goal. Additionally, the patient relationship has as much importance. They trust the people within a healthcare organization to provide them with the care they need. A healthcare system is complex because of the different relationships interconnected processes. Every person within that system touches the patient from the front desk that makes the appointment to the checkout desk that might schedule a test or a follow up appointment.

The Infinitum Transformation Team, like the healthcare industry we serve, are passionate about our work because we see how lean methodologies like the TAP Workshop affect relationships and the processes within a healthcare system. It is from the heart of our experience that the Infinitum Transformation Team wants to support your relationship goals and quality improvement programs. Contact us and tell us about the relationships that matter to you.