Love my work!

Have you heard yourself tell other people those three little words? If you haven't, have you taken the time to ask yourself why? Obviously, you're passionate about your patients, the work that you do, and the people you affect or you wouldn't be where you are. Right? So what are the items that fall under the "con" column in your work life?

Lack of joy at work affects everyone in healthcare, but let's look at what a physician might have in their "con" column. According to Medscape's National Physicians Burnout, Depression & Suicide 2019 Report, 44% of the physicians surveyed in October 2018 reported that they felt burned out. And what were the top three biggest contributors? Too many bureaucratic tasks, spending too many hours at work, and "increasing computerization of practice." According to the Advisory Board's 2019 survey report, 21% of a physician's work hours are spent on non-clinical paperwork, and 54% stated they were emotionally exhausted. Sadly, this data confirms what you already know: we have a national crisis in American healthcare.

So, how is this crisis being addressed? Physicians were also asked how they cope with burnout and the top three answers were: exercise, talk with family members and close friends, and "isolate myself from others." Can you see how the root cause of the problem is not being addressed and the coping tactics are just a bandage for the real problems? There are people working together across the healthcare industry to try and find a solution for the future, but what about right now?

Infinitum can offer you a "right now" solution: assessment, transference of lean knowledge, root cause analysis, countermeasure projects, and implementation. The Infinitum Healthcare Transformation System begins with an assessment by an Infinitum Consultant, a lean healthcare expert, who will evaluate the healthcare organization for:

  • Current improvement methodology.

  • Strategic alignment of the board of directors, executives, management and frontline staff with respect to the organization's goals.

  • Alignment of overall priorities in the adoption of a lean management system.

  • Behaviors and policies that demonstrate implicit or explicit principles and expectations of leaders and staff that can accelerate or impede the adoption of a lean healthcare management system.

  • The consistency of the day-to-day approach of implementing process improvements that will provide sustainable growth and benefits to future growth strategies.

  • Enable a multidisciplinary group of stakeholders as participants to envision, simulate and co-create a future-state vision for implementation.

After the assessment, the Infinitum Consultant will customize a learning and training package for the healthcare organization based on the desired level of implementation. Infinitum offers lean healthcare methodology through the Infinitum University online education modules; on-site or virtual workshops, training, and certification for your quality improvement people or the organization as a whole; and consultant support at every level of the chosen learning and training package. Infinitum consultants are experienced multidisciplinary transformation experts who will assist a healthcare organization to design and promote a consistent day-to-day approach to implementing process improvement across the healthcare organization; achieving a sustainable culture of change and collaboration, and operations fine-tuned to deliver value to your patients while improving work relationships and reducing the mental load.

At Infinitum we help people address their "con" column by addressing the root causes within a given healthcare organization. Would you like to hear yourself say, "Love my work?!" What are you doing "right now" to improve your joy at work? Contact Infinitum!

Graphs provided by Medscape's National Physicians Burnout, Depression & Suicide 2019 Report:

Burnout Cause Picture.PNG
Physicians Cope.png


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