Best Professional Investment or Accomplishment by Healthcare Leaders

In an article published in Becker's Hospital Review regarding the best things a healthcare leader did for themselves, their careers and/or their organizations, ten healthcare leaders shared their answer that interestingly aligns with the Infinitum Healthcare Transformation System:

1. Consumer-focused marketing utilizing more research and data driven decisions.

Infinitum will research the entire healthcare organization through surveys, interviews, and assessment tools to create data driven decisions as to the readiness of the work that needs to be done, where there is opportunity for the most benefit for quality improvement, and the best ROI to increase capacity and revenue including possible new service lines.

2. Touching & treating patients as front-line leaders.

Analyzing process and not people, Infinitum consultants work with the front-line staff as they are best positioned to redesign and improve care. Infinitum uses their knowledge of the work area to create collaborative improvements across the organization as a system.

3. Toyota Production System as a management system.

Infinitum methodology includes Toyota's lean thinking as a philosophy that aims to enhance operations through continuous process improvement, standardizing processes, and eliminating waste. This allows an organization to improve patient safety and care, and improve efficiency and capacity. This change in thinking creates a flexible culture of change and utilizes your staff more wisely.

4. Recognizing the need to surround myself with those wiser than myself.

Infinitum Consultants are lean subject matter experts that will assist leaders to promote a consistent day-to-day approach to implementing process improvement across an organization in order to achieve sustainable results and a collaborative culture in the work environment.

5. Always asking "what is best for the patient" across the entire patient experience.

This question is foremost in the Infinitum philosophy of transformation. One of the lean tools that a consultant will teach to employees is an A3. An A3 is an organized-living tool to identify, record, and implement standardized change across the entire patient experience.

6. Intense focus on improving the patient experience.

Analyzing the current state of this experience, identifying issues, finding the root causes, and implementing counter measures to create a future state provides a comprehensive look at the patient experience from their view.

7. Watching my peers grow and being a positive influence for them.

Infinitum University and Infinitum Toolset both provide the knowledge base and experience to influence positive change for the people you lead and the organization you serve.

8. Evidence-based practices resulting in excellent clinical outcomes for patients

Infinitum can provide a comparative performance metric database. Within the 8-step Infinitum system there are pre and post assessments that can provide a baseline and comparative data to other organizations.

9. Recognition of quality care.

Infinitum certification is based on the completion of Infinitum University and lean methodology attestation of process adoption. The courses are online for convenience and can be administered at three levels: employee, organization, or both. The employees and the organization will be recognized as quality improvement professionals within a fully efficient certified healthcare system.

10. Assisting other organizations to transition from volume to value-based care.

The Affordable Care Act has changed the way healthcare systems bill for services. This required change has forced practices to look at how they manage and balance care delivery, demand and capacity, financial viability, and new service development along with quality improvement.

Infinitum is the best investment that will assist healthcare professionals and organizations accomplish their goals. Contact us to find out how it can work specifically for your organization!


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