How can Infinitum help you gain work-life-balance in 2019?

As much as we all want to think that our work life does not affect our personal life, it does. A study funded by the American Medical Association and published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that "1 to 2 hours of personal time each night [was spent] doing additional computer and other clerical work." I offer an empathetic and rhetorical, "Why?" 

The New Year brings new energy and thoughts of improvements for our lives. How can we be healthier, wiser, and financially better off? In our personal lives, we might be thinking about exercising and eating healthier; working on our relationships; simplifying our lives; and saving more money for investing. In our work lives, we might be thinking about how to reduce the workload; how to minimize stress; how to manage work relationships; and have a better work-life balance. In the same study mentioned above, data showed that "for every hour physicians provided direct clinical face time to patients, nearly 2 additional hours is spent on E.H.R. and desk work within the clinic day." As dedicated professionals you look to give your patients the best possible care, and still complete all the other required tasks. Is there a process manual on how to achieve that and have work-life-balance? Yes, and it is called Infinitum! 

Infinitum is a lean transformational healthcare system for practice management that can provide the change you are looking for in your work life and the practice processes. Through lean management assessments and tools, a team of Infinitum consultants will work with you and your staff to bring about the desired changes, increase capacity, and create a team mindset for continuous quality improvement that is sustainable. As healthcare reform transitions to the value based payment model, Infinitum can drive performance measure improvements. Let us show you what Infinitum can do!


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