Where do I find the time to do all this?

In my work with medical practices, hospitals and other organizations there is one almost universal issue that arises, seemingly to stop any progress dead. 

"How am I supposed to find the time to do all this? My practice is already swamped with work, we're not getting home on time, staff are frazzled and now you're telling me I need to develop a Vision and Aims for it? I don't have the time right now. Sorry."

My reaction is always the same. From a systems thinking standpoint, the system is perfectly engineered to produce the results it is producing at any given time. If the results show stress in the system, there are clearly difficulties within the system that lead to this stress. Without addressing the root causes of this stress, the system will continue to exhibit these characteristics and life as we know it will not change. It is a self limiting system, and without breaking from the cycle of acceptance of current conditions, the system will not change. 

Breaking from the cycle of acceptance requires two things:

  1. An understanding of the situation 
  2. A commitment to perform an action to solve something. Anything that will release capacity that is currently being consumed in wasted activities. 

Understanding the situation requires the ability to see the system itself. This is where the services of an experienced practice coach can be invaluable, as they are skilled in helping owners change perceptions and see systems differently. Once the situation is fully grasped, making a commitment to release currently consumed capacity can occur. The specific business process to work on to release the capacity is of course completely dependent on current circumstances and should be evaluated with the practice coach. 

It cannot be stressed enough how important this first step is to a successful transformation. Proving that capacity can be released by reconfiguration of business processes is the key to unlocking more activities and eventually, full system redesign and transformation. VPQHC is experienced in this work and can help take your practice to performance levels which will enable it to thrive in the new value based payments structures currently being introduced by CMS. If you would like to find out more, contact me at leeb@vpqhc.org for an introductory discussion.