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Infinitum is a practice transformation and management system. It is used to transition a practice toward higher performance levels and sustain these levels once there.  Infinitum is a comprehensive methodology based on the Toyota Production System, change management and system thinking which looks at an organization at three levels: Strategic, Operational, Process. By aligning management system across these three levels Infinitum assures work performed is aligned with strategy in real time.  

Infinitum is modeled after the Toyota Lean Production System; foremost, is their dedication for creating an ideal state.

“In 2018, we commissioned Vermont Program for Quality in Healthcare to conduct an Infinitum analysis comparing our current state and designing our future state of practice processes. Infinitum assisted the practice team in identifying their value generating processes (value streams), issues preventing them from providing value in a streamlines fashion and countermeasures to those issues. We were able to reduce practice load by over 10% by focusing on the patient care value stream.”    
— Kathy, Associates in Primary Care

Unleash the power of your practice and drive more capacity and revenue by integrating the Infinitum Healthcare System Transformation with the processes you’re already using! 


The practice of medicine has evolved over the last twenty years from a singular profession to one requiring complex organizational systems to enable the delivery of high quality care to a diverse population of patients with ever increasing needs. The Infinitum was developed to support providers in transforming their practice environments to highly efficient, person-focused, caring environments. This is accomplished by first evaluating then prioritizing needs to address improvements in four main areas of practice focus, or Value Streams:

  • Demand Management

  • Care Delivery

  • Financial Viability

  • Quality Improvement



Uncover the opportunities to embrace lean management to create a quality improvement culture, create efficiencies, and improve organizational performance.

Lean thinking is a philosophy that aims to enhance operations through continuous process improvement, standardizing processes, and eliminating waste.

Our lean management experts deliver lean culture perspective to your organization. We introduce world-class lean tools that will improve an organization through an evidence-based improvement methodology.

The purpose of lean is the eliminate non-value added activities from a process. Lean utilizes your staff more wisely. This allows your organization to improve patient safety and care, improve efficiency and capacity while creating a culture of continuous improvement.

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Infinitum Consultants are lean subject matter experts that will assist your leaders to promote a consistent day-to-day approach to implementing process improvement across your organization to achieve a sustainable culture of change and collaboration.

A healthcare organization must run like a successful business, focusing on achieving a positive Return-On-Investment by minimizing non value-added activities through lean practices.

Our team of consultants will teach you the lean tools to achieve this level of efficiency, while improving your capacity. These lean tools will deliver new, non-traditional approaches to reducing waste and improving healthcare. This is accomplished through our lean consultants teaching you the methodologies to reduce costs and instill process improvement culture into your organization.

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Learn how to adopt lean management, build competencies, and support culture and value streams.

Online forum platform for staff and leadership to access our full catalog of lean methodology classes.

Module based lean methodology courses are available in our Infinitum University catalog. Student login credentials are assigned to each student to complete lean methodology courses, complete exercises and exams in each course offering.



The Infinitum certification process can be done either at the employee level or the organization level to give your employees and organization what they need to succeed in implementing lean healthcare.

With Infinitum credentials your employees will be recognized as quality improvement professionals, and your organizations will be known as lean efficient to fullest capacity.

Certification of Lean Methodology based on completion of Infinitum University course completion and organizational Infinitum lean methodology attestation of process adoption.


Lean Transformation Healthcare

The purpose of lean is to eliminate non-value added activities from a process. Lean utilizes your staff more wisely. This allows your organization to improve patient safety and care, improve efficiency and capacity while creating a culture of continuous improvement.


Medical Practice Level

Regulatory demands on private practices are exponentially increasing, the need to work effectively to maximize resources and improve quality of care is magnified with Infinitum.

Infinitum methodologies release capacity, analyze broader issues and how they affect revenue, quality care, and patient satisfaction.

Lean leaders involve their people in process improvement which increases the employee satisfaction and retention. Motivated employees are often more flexible which is a key element of Lean manufacturing. Employees also benefit from a safer work environment where risks have been reduced.

Adoption of Infinitum methodology results in improved processes and outcomes, reduced cost, and increased satisfaction among patients, providers and staff.

Using lean principles, staff, providers, and patients have continuously improved or redesigned processes to eliminate waste, reduce rework, all resulting in better quality.


Health System Level

Infinitum whole health enterprise is a process that analyzes the entire business through system thinking and process relationships.

Infinitum is about creating standardized processes to predict the quality of the care delivered, and becoming consistent in the delivery of that quality which equates to large scale improvements.

The Infinitum management system provides a framework for defining an ACO's purpose and decision-making to reflect the needs of all stakeholders. The lean framework of engaging stakeholders in the co-creation of the ACO's product-service strategy.

Infinitum results in highly engaged stakeholder culture.

Infinitum transformational management culture and processes can better navigate the affordable care act environment.


Accountable Care Organization Level

Healthcare is transitioning to value-based reimbursement, so organizations have a pressing need to fine-tune processes and work waste out of the system.

Infinitum leads to measurable outcomes and savings through data driven decision making.

Infinitum results in health system continuity, efficiency, like processes and positive outcomes.

Infinitum reduces variation in delivery of care across the system.

Patient benefits come from a joint focus on improving the work life for medical providers and hospital staff, improving processes to prevent systemic errors, reducing stress levels, and reducing waste so that hospital personnel have more time to focus on patient care.

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