How Does My Hospital Rate on Quality?

Hospital Report Cards: these quality ratings and performance statistics outline information from heart attacks to readmission rates, surgical infections to patient satisfaction, and much more!
Hospital Compare: publishes general hospital information, patient experiences and timeliness of care, among other data.

Department of Licensing and Protection (DLP) Standard Survey Results and Results of Complaint investigations: a DLP survey is conducted to verify that the facilities are compliant with the appropriate regulations for that facility. DLP conducts two types of surveys; one is a routine, periodic, unannounced facility survey to verify that the facilities are compliant with the regulations (standard survey), and the other type of survey is conducted as a result of a complaint or concern that DLP specifically receives (complaint investigation). Complaint investigation surveys are typically focused on a specific concern, however during that survey, the facility’s overall compliance can also be evaluated. Following either survey, DLP will notify the facility of the findings in writing. The facility must then submit a written corrective action plan to DLP that addresses any findings. The DLP Registry contains hospital survey results along with the submitted and accepted corrective action plan